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The leading real-time bus arrival prediction software.

TheTransitClock its an open source transit information system. It’s core function is to provide and analyze arrival predictions for transit systems. It takes a GTFS-realtime vehicle positions feed as input and produces arrival predictions in a GTFS-realtime trip updates feed.

TheTransitClock is an extended open source version of the project formally know as Transitime. Uniquely, TheTransitClock runs an adaptive algorithm called a Kalman Filter capable of identifying unusual operating conditions (weather, traffic collision, etc.) and adjusting predictions accordingly.

In 2020, Metro Transit has selected TheTransitClock to provide real-time information in the Twin Cities. This decision follows a month-long competition over 1,400 buses, where TheTransitClock was found to outperform the competition and to provide superior predictions during disruptions.

For further information please see the project wiki on GitHub. If you have any queries please use the mailing list or mail



Mailing list

Mailing list


There are mulitple international deployments of TheTransitClock supported by a range of companies. These include goEuropa in Poland, CityMovil in Chile, OmniModal in Forida and Cambridge Systematics in Washington.

If any other company wishes to be listed here please mail with details of your deployment.